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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET x ACKNOWLEDGMENTS care provider and for agreeing to review parts of this book to make sure I got things right. To all the people who gave me feedback on this book. When I talked with my friend Sara about editing, she said, “You know, letting someone edit your writing is like letting them take a peek in your underwear drawer.” So. True. I am so grateful that I have such wonderful colleagues whom I can trust to peek in my proverbial underwear drawer without fearing their ridicule. A million thanks to all of you who took time out of very busy lives to read drafts and provide constructive and supportive feedback. I’m looking at you, Sara Benning, Rebecca Shlafer, Judy Myers, Cari Michaels, and Stacey Bellows. You made this book better. Thank you. And then there are all my friends, family, and colleagues, near and far, who cheered me on throughout the writing process with words of encour- agement, hugs of support, and glasses of wine. I am especially indebted to: My choir friends Marta, Kate, Christina, Katherine, and the rest of my National Lutheran Choir family who kept me singing and laughing through- out this process. Cari and Judy, the best colleagues a girl could ask for, whose constant encouragement throughout this entire journey has made writing a joy rather than a struggle. Amanda, Mark, Sara, Dave, Dana, Sara, Dave, Rebecca, Raquel, and Jason, who through chats, happy hours, and numer- ous board games nights helped remind me there’s more to life than work. My parents-in-law Richard, Janet, and Margie, who, whether through shop- ping sprees to calm my nerves or hikes in the Arizona desert to stimulate my creativity, helped to keep me going when I needed motivation. Erin Arndt, who, like all best friends do, kept me humble and laughing. Sara Benning, my partner in crime, friend, and confidant, who talked me down from panic many times, and without whose constant source of support I would be lost. And of course, I can’t forget my dogs, Bingley and Kaylee, who constantly gave slobbery dog kisses, kept my feet warm when I was typing for hours, and made sure I took breaks to throw the ball from time to time. But there are three people I really owe this book to. Two are my parents, Paul and Joy Spencer, without whom I would not truly understand the power and value of caring, supportive, consistent relationships. I’m blessed to have a mother who picks up whenever I call, and whose many words of wisdom and constant support throughout the years have gotten me through life’s ups COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL