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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Early Childhood Education / Child Psychology Help young children thrive in the face of adversity Relationships play an important role in human development, “After reading this book, especially in the first years of life. So what is a care provider early childhood care providers to do when a child is facing adversity such as abuse, will embrace the important neglect, domestic violence, loss of a loved one, poverty, role they play in the lives or homelessness and may be deprived of important early of children facing adversity. relationships? Langworthy offers a book Bridging the Relationship Gap provides caregivers with tools of hope, encouragement, and encouragement to be the strong, positive, and nurturing and insight and, to children adults these children need in order to thrive. facing adversity, the gift • Learn about the ecological, biological, and cultural factors of adult caregivers with that contribute to the achievement and relationship gaps. increased capacity to understand where they • Examine different attachment styles and learn how to recognize them in children. come from, why they act the way they do, and how • Understand how stress and trauma affect brain to connect with them in development and behavior. ways that foster resilience.” • Learn techniques for dealing with the tough situations. • Discover ways to foster recovery and resilience in children. You, as an early childhood professional, can form one of the essential relationships in a young child’s life and become their biggest ally. —Cathy Jordan, PhD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Extension, University of Minnesota Sara E. Langworthy, PhD, works for the Children, Youth and Family Consortium at the University of Minnesota Extension. An expert in brain development research, she enjoys developing creative ways of bridging gaps between the worlds of research, practice, and policy. Currently, she is creating trauma-sensitive learning environments to promote student resilience and learning. She is also co-founder of The Exchange Loop, an organizational consulting firm. Sara lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with her husband, Jason, and two dogs, Bingley and Kaylee. ISBN 978-1-60554-388-8 $29.95 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL