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OUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 8 CHAPTER 1 D This is a conversation to be sure, but not one full of word- laden promises. Yet I sense there is shared understanding of them, nonetheless. As her eyes search my face, her little thumb finds her mouth. Her hiccupping breaths begin to subside. Before long, she’ll be ready for her dinner. But for now, it’s just the two of us, a father and his daugh- ter, saying so little, but understanding so much. RELATIONSHIPS FIRST This is a story I have heard often from my parents about my dad’s inexplicable ability to calm me down from an infantile exhaustion-induced screaming fit with a simple word: “Peace.” But it was never about the word, I suspect. I wasn’t old enough to understand words yet. The calm, soothing voice and the solid presence of my dad communicated all that my infant self needed to know. His actions communicated safety, comfort, and love. They told me that he was someone I could rely on, always. Think about your relationships with the important people in your life. Maybe it’s with a parent, a spouse, or a close friend. What is it about those relationships that make them important to you? Is it sharing common interests and experiences? Is it the feeling that you can count on these people no matter what? Is it the joy you get out of laughing together? Is it the comfort you feel when you are with them? You probably rely on these relationships more than you even realize. In fact, those important relationships are such an integral part of your life that it is probably hard to imagine what life would be like without those close friends and family members. It’s a part of our human nature to seek out those people around us who we believe will provide comfort, support, enjoyment, and love. RELATIONSHIP ROOTS Humans have a deeply rooted need for social connection. Early in human existence it became essential for humans to rely on one another for safety and security in order to thrive in an environment of constant threat. The necessity COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL