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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Chapter 10 Getting to Work with Jenny: Helping an Intensely Shy Child 127 Chapter 11 When Home Has Been Hard: Helping Children Climb (or Re-climb) Developmental Ladders 139 Chapter 12 When Language Is Limited: Helping Two Boys Who Struggle to Communicate 155 Part 3 Addressing Problems in Self-Regulation 171 Chapter 13 Getting to Work with Gabrielle: Helping Out When Energy Is High and Focus Is Low 173 Chapter 14 Getting to Work with Brian: Helping an Easily Frustrated Child 193 Chapter 15 Getting to Work on “Big Feelings”: Helping Children Who Get Swamped by Anger or Anxiety 211 Chapter 16 Spotlight on Parenting: Helping Families Set Effective Expectations at Home 231 Part 4 Putting It All Together 247 Chapter 17 A Letter about Sam: Helping a Child with Multiple Challenges 249 Chapter 18 When Young Children Need Help: Big Changes Start with Small Steps 265 Appendix A Seeking Clarity—Useful Forms 271 Appendix B Staying on Track—Principles for Intervention 283 Appendix C Learning More—Tools and Resources 289 References 295 Index 299 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL