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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents    Preface ix Acknowledgments xiii Introduction xvii Part 1 Getting Specific Before Getting to Work 1 Chapter 1 From Reflection to Action: Looking Closely, Thinking Clearly, Intervening Effectively 3 Chapter 2 Generating “Maybes”: Observing with Depth, Breadth, and an Eye for Surprises 17 Chapter 3 Spotlight on Development: Understanding the Building Blocks of Early Childhood Mastery 31 Chapter 4 Spotlight on Causation: Considering the “Whys” behind Worrisome Behavior 39 Chapter 5 Developing Child-Specific Portraits: Making Sense as the Foundation for Making Progress 53 Chapter 6 Pathways to Growth: Joining Big-Picture Thinking with Practical Strategies 65 Part 2 Connection Is Key 83 Chapter 7 Spotlight on the Three Cs: Connection, Communication, and Cue Responsiveness 85 Chapter 8 Getting to Work with Hannah: Helping a Child with Dark Moods and a Dark Past 97 Chapter 9 Getting to Work with Hannah, Continued: “Seeding the Day with Connection” and Other Strategies 111 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL