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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET   One last note before these explorations begin. It is my good fortune to have as a dear friend a wonderful photographer. Sage Sohier heard about this writing project early on and very generously agreed to take photos of some of the classrooms where I consult. The kids whose photographs you’ll find throughout this book, including on its cover, are not the hard-to- help youngsters I describe in its chapters. Rather, they’re children going through their days in school, experiencing the joys of play, learning, and friendship—and the challenges of being little in a big and sometimes com- plicated world. I’m indebted to Sage for capturing the nuances of their experiences so beautifully. I’m indebted as well to their parents and teach- ers for being willing to share Sage’s photos of life in school. xx Introduction COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL