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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET I made masking tape line-up lines and name tags for the children to show them where to sit for circle time and lunch. I said things like, “Shh, be quiet,” “Inside voices please,” and “Stop running.” I had beautiful bulletin boards (that I created) covered with product oriented art, I followed my schedule , and had laminated STOP signs to tell the children when a certain area of the classroom was “closed” and “off limits.” I planned curriculum based around weekly themes and monthly holidays and sang a whole bunch of songs that were all to the tune of “Jingle Bells” and “Row Row Row Your Boat.” It took three years of “getting with the program” before I realized that the program wasn’t working for me or for the children. The journey of “changing my mind” took a long time, journeys usually do. I started to question everything I did. I wondered how my actions, words, and behaviors impacted the children. I wondered how I influenced and/or stifled their curiosity, creativity, and sense of wonder. Was I really giving back what I had experienced at Mary’s? Or, had I sold out to the pressure of getting with the program? CHANGING MY MIND 14 I answered my own question during a frenzied fall morning when my new team teacher, Cynde, watched me go crazy while I attempted to complete a “small-medium-large” project I had planned for the children. Of course, COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL