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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET |  Introduction | What Is the Feeling Conveyed by Different Classroom Environments? Consider the lighting. What is the source of light in each classroom? Do the classrooms seem light and airy, utilizing lots of natural light? Or are they dark and claustrophobic, using mostly artificial light? Consider the materials used in the class- room decor. Are these materials natural or artificial? Do they seem current and fresh, or do they hearken back to an earlier era? Do they project a sense of warmth or a feeling of institutionalization? | 2 | Consider the arrangement of furniture within the classroom. Is the room spacious, allowing for children and teachers to circulate between areas? Or does the room seem crowded, leaving little room to maneuver and visit friends? Consider the learning opportunities afforded by each classroom setting. Does the focal point of the room appear to be play oriented, or is it academically driven? Are interesting, engag- ing activities visible—ones that will promote creative, divergent thinking? Does the atmo- sphere send a message of child-centered explora- tion, or does it seem to reflect teacher-centered instruction? COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL