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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Extraordinary Moments Small yet wonderful moments of learning unfold around us every day. You might use a smaller page or panel to describe such individual moments. This type of documentation consists of a simple paragraph or two of text plus one or two photos to support the readers’ understanding. You can ei- ther display extraordinary moments or place them in a child’s portfolio for sharing with the child and her family. After noticing birds arriving at our bird feeder, several children pulled up “reading baskets” (laundry baskets), gathered clipboards, and sat in the baskets for more than a half hour, watching and counting birds and tal- lying how many visited. We teachers noticed that the counting had a competetive edge: who would see the most birds? We wondered, what is the importance of bird watching for these children? Daily Log My own experiences have shown me that a daily log of some sort is an invaluable tool for communicating with families. Producing one page per day for a log takes little time, yet this small investment brings big rewards. It gives families a touch point to examine and talk about with their child. A daily log page contains a description COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Introduction  5