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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgements and Creative Credit: Cover design and book formatting and layout by Andrew Curl of Drew Design, San Diego, CA. Back cover photograph of the author by CéCé Canton, San Diego, CA. Handprints Poem #3 courtesy of Jen McSweeney, Rochester, NY. “He who owns the language owns the debate” quote provided by Dr. Elizabeth Waller, Fairport, NY. Inside Illustrations by Todd Rohnke, Rochester, NY. Cover photograph of toddler in colored spaghetti taken by Kimberly Hornberg, Tuscon, AZ. Back cover photos and all inside photos are courtesy of the author. Front cover activity is COLORED SPAGHETTI which appears in Lisa's first book, The Ooey Gooey ® Handbook. We accidentally forgot to include it in Ooey Gooey ® Tooey! You make colored spaghetti by cooking the pasta just like you are going to eat it, but add 1 cup of oil to the water when you boil the noodles! Cook it, strain it, color the cooked pasta with liquid watercolor or food coloring and then put the colored pasta in your sensory tub! Enjoy! COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL