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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET CHOCOLATE PLAYDOUGH Small Motor Skills Spatial Skills Counting Measuring You Need: 2 cups flour 1 ½ cups salt ⅔ cups cocoa powder 6 tsp cream of tartar 6 TBS oil 3 cups water Bowl Electric Mixer (or a hand whisk) Wooden spoon Social Skills Chemistry Color Mixing Creativity Language Development Sensory Skills Use of Tools Comparing and Contrasting 18 Directions: Using an electric mixer, mix all ingredients together in a bowl. If it looks a little dry, add a little bit more water. You can mix with a big spoon or a hand whisk if you don’t have an electric mixer. Cook over medium heat until it forms a ball. Remove from heat, knead. Store in a baggie or air tight container. Reality Check: Someone is going to tell you what they think it looks like. Think about it. Yes. It looks like that. Get over it. You can’t be like, “Hey! There is no poop here!” because that would be lying. If you run around saying “Don’t say poop!” they are going to say it because now they know it bugs you! COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL