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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET with music (Miché 2002). The teacher’s role is to provide a music environment to support the development of a child’s musical ability. Musical concepts in early childhood are not initially taught in a highly structured manner but are learned gradually over a period of time (Edwards, Bayless, and Ramsey 2009). Children develop a sense of rhythm as they beat a variety of different loose parts such as rhythm sticks made of bamboo, wood, plastic, or metal. They may bang on vari- ous drum surfaces from metal cans to five-gallon buckets and tree stumps. Many people have memories of using loose parts for banging (metal pots and pans with wooden spoons) in the kitchen as children. Loose parts support movement and music making across all of the developmental domains: physical, social- emotional, and cognitive. Loose Parts in Outdoor Settings When children play outdoors, their opportunities with loose parts increase dra- matically. They find wonder in leaves, sticks, rocks, and other natural objects. Stones on the road or in the garden mesmerize them. These stones may become a campfire, watering hole for animals, or dragon eggs when children reenact a story they’ve heard. Current research demonstrates that children engage in more creative forms of play in green areas than in manufactured play areas (Louv 2008). Loose parts including branches, rocks, wood, dirt, water, sand, and bark support play and provide unending creative exploration in an outdoor environment. The high lev- els of complexity and variety that nature offers invite longer and more complex play (White and Stoecklin 2014). Richard Louv states, “Nature, which excites all the senses, remains the richest source of loose parts” (2008, 87). We hope that you are inspired by this book to add more loose parts to children’s play. When you provide loose parts and have an open mind about how they may be used, the children will surprise and delight you with what they create and learn. loose parts  19 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL