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40 DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION / ACTIVITIES ALL-NEW group learning adventures WHEN CHILDREN PLAY TOGETHER, THEY LEARN TOGETHER. Social skills— including the abilities to self-regulate, interact with others in positive ways, and express empathy—enhance all facets of early learning and are used throughout life. One of the best ways to support the development of these important social skills is to give children open-ended opportunities to play and engage with their peers. Use the early learning adventures in this (un)curriculum to encourage hands-on, child-led group learning and nurture richer, more meaningful play. Each activity includes an overview and a budget-friendly materials list, lays out the process, and provides plenty of adaptions and extensions. More importantly, the activities allow children to learn on their own and in their own ways as they play together and explore the world around them. In addition, this book includes deep thinking activities for you—thought-provokers that encourage reflection on the practices used in your early childhood setting. What kind of learning will unfold when you let children play? Dig deeper into the (un)curriculum early learning principles presented in Let Them Play, and explore more play-based learning adventures in Let’s Play. “Jeff and Denita have done it again! Let’s All Play makes us think about the importance of play and gives us stimulating hands-on activities that can be done with groups of young children. From thought-provoking questions at the end of each section to practical advice on how to support children as they play, this book has it all!” —Tracy Hinton, Oklahoma Family Child Care Provider Jeff A. Johnson has more than twenty years of early childhood education experience and is a popular keynote speaker and trainer. He is the author of eight Redleaf Press books. Denita Dinger was a family child care provider for sixteen years and now operates a small play school. She leads trainings across the country and frequently keynotes early childhood conferences. She is the coauthor of three Redleaf Press books. ISBN 978-1-60554-364-2 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $17.95