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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET AMERICA DISCOVERS POVERTY Other families, though, strap their two children into the back- seat of their ’91 Ford Tempo, in car seats provided by the county health department. In the front seat, the mom sorts through the coupons in silence and calculates the amount of money still avail- able on her EBT card. While she worries about how she’ll afford school supplies with the little cash she has on hand, Daddy won- ders if the bald tire with the slow leak still has one more trip left in it. Despite his preoccupation with the tire, Daddy starts to tell a story to Mama about something his boss said at work, but he never finishes—his attention is diverted by the cop he spots in his rearview mirror. Mom sees it, too. They both know the left rear brake light is out and that their insurance is expired. Both children are shushed while the parents anxiously scan the strip malls and fast-food joints, looking for a place to escape the scrutiny of the police offi- cer who, unbeknownst to them, has already confirmed to his sat- isfaction that their tags are up to date but is currently running a check to make sure the tags weren’t stolen. At the entrance to the drive-through restaurant, Daddy signals right, turns the steering wheel abruptly and, without having to tap the brake until safely in the parking lot, successfully avoids what might have been a most unpleasant encounter with law enforcement. In their interactions with police, cashiers, landlords, teachers, doctors, social workers, bill collectors, and bosses, parents living in poverty always have one brake light out and expired insurance. Much of everyday life is consumed with trying to figure out how to accomplish simple daily tasks that people with money take for granted. And while these parents provide excellent role models for resourcefulness, critical thinking, and problem solving, language modeling is not often a strong point. 13 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL