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Business DOUBLE Care / Child TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Keep your family child care business records efficiently organized. As a family child care professional, you nurture and teach children during their most formative years. Being a family child care provider means you also have the responsibility for taking care of your program’s administrative tasks. Tracking your expenses, doing your taxes, and meeting government requirements are an important part of your duties as a business owner. In this resource, Tom Copeland, JD—the nation’s leading family child care tax and business expert—provides the most up-to-date information and advice to help you keep accurate, complete, and ongoing records. Following the recommendations in this book can help you claim the maximum allowable deductions and pay the lowest possible federal taxes. New to this edition: • Descriptions of two recently added IRS rules that make it much easier to deduct items you previously had to depreciate • An explanation of why you should avoid using the new Simplified Method to claim house expenses • New clarifications on bartering; non-deductible, bundled utility, and travel expenses; gifts; conducting a household inventory; business meals; identifying potential red flags; and more • Updated resource links to access the latest tax information About the Author Tom Copeland, JD, has written numerous books on business issues for the family child care field. He trains thousands of providers and tax professionals each year on record keeping, taxes, marketing, contracts, legal issues, and other business topics. ISBN 978-1-60554-397-0 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $17.95