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Chapter OR Basics of DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE One: The TABLET Record Keeping mistake; or they may inflate the amount that they paid in order to claim a higher deduction than they are entitled to. How can you protect yourself from a parent who reports spending more on child care than you received? Your best protection is to prepare a receipt for each client family at the end of the year that shows the name of the child(ren), the amount paid for the year, the months covered by the payment, the date the receipt was signed, your signature, and—most important—the parent’s signature. Keep a copy of this signed receipt and give the parent a copy. Without the parent’s signature, the parent could argue later that the amount is incorrect. If the parent refuses to sign the receipt, mark that on the receipt, and save it. You can use any of the following forms for these receipts: Form W-10 Dependent Care Provider’s Identification and Certification, a form from a sales receipt book, or a form from the Family Child Care Business Receipt Book published by Redleaf Press. See the illustrations above and below for examples of filled-out receipts using these three methods. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL 13