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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Family Child Care Record-Keeping Guide • Any payments from a state or private agency for caring for low-income children. Any co- payments that you receive from low-income parents are also taxable income to you. (If you offer a scholarship or reduce your fees for a low-income parent, you can’t claim the discount as a tax deduction.) • Fees for family child care–related services (for example, conducting a workshop for other child care providers) • Grants from state or local organizations for the purchase of equipment, home improve- ments, or other business expenses (even if the organization gives you the equipment directly). Note: If you buy items for your business with grant money, you can deduct the cost using the rules of deductions as described in this book. Your major source of income will probably be payments from parents for the care of their children. Since you may have some parents who pay hourly, some who pay based on a part- time daily rate, and others who pay based on a full-time flat rate, it is imperative that you keep accurate attendance and payment records for each child. The parents will also need this information for their tax records. Tracking Attendance and Payments There isn’t one right way to track attendance and payments. However, for each payment you should always record the following: • • • • the name of the child(ren) the date of each payment the period of time covered by each payment the amount paid and the check number (if paid by check) or the receipt number (if paid with cash) One way to do this would be to set up a notebook so that you can check off the children’s attendance and record the payments that you receive for those days in the same place. Here’s an example: January Louisa Terri Michael 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th X X X X X paid $175 on the 4th # 4286 X X X X X paid $175 on the 4th # 6912 X X paid $75 on the 4th cash receipt #1 You might also consider using the record-keeping system provided in The Redleaf Calendar- Keeper (see next page), which was designed specifically for family child care providers. Whether you use a notebook or The Redleaf Calendar-Keeper, you should keep a monthly total of all your income, as well as a year-to-date total. (Keeping a running year-to-date total will help you avoid the errors that may be caused by adding up long columns of figures.) To 8 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL