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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 1 THE ROLE of the EDUCATION LEADER You have the job of evaluating and supporting teachers. Either you have will- ingly applied for the job or you have been selected by your organization because someone thought you would be good at it. Are you a supervisor, principal, direc- tor, manager, coordinator, coach, mentor, or lead teacher? Regardless of your title, you are an education leader. You have the big responsibility to create and maintain a quality workforce of educators and, ultimately, to support a quality education for children. The main resources of a child care center or school are its human resources, and teachers are the most important element. The quality of teachers and their practices are directly affected by the quality of supervision and management, which in turn affects the quality of children’s education. The pyramid below illustrates how the education children receive is buttressed by the leadership and management, the teachers themselves, and the teaching (instruction and curriculum). If these three elements are good, then a high-​quality education for children will happen. Leadership and Management Quality Education for Children Teachers Teaching 7 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL