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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 6 Differentiating Support 105 7 Making a Plan for Evaluating and Supporting Teachers 121 The Early Childhood Education Workforce  105 Skill Level  107 Stages of Skill Development: Novice, Advanced Beginner, Competent, Expert  107 Teachers’ Skill Awareness  108 Barriers to Skill Development  110 Formal Education  111 Experience  112 Age/Generation  113 Individual Dispositions and Learning Styles  114 Cultural Differences  115 Asking Teachers What They Need  116 Find Out What Teachers Need from the Beginning  116 Assess Overall Job Satisfaction  116 New Teacher Intake Sample Form  117 Job Satisfaction Survey Sample Form  118 A Need for Differentiated Support  119 Ready to Plan  122 Assess the Situation in Your Setting  122 Decide Which Principles Are Most Urgent for You  125 Write SMART Goals  125 Implement Your Plan  127 Evaluate Your Plan  128 Taking Small Steps  129 Recognizing Evaluation and Support as a Good Time Investment    Conclusion 129 133 Appendix: Reproducible Forms  References  151 135 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL