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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET The Theories as a Framework to Support Children    19 Vygotsky’s theory reveals the importance of play as the main process in which children learn. As ECE professors, we want early childhood teachers to recognize the importance of powerful relationships and to build environ- ments that cherish each voice, including their own. How We Take Care of Baby The Social Context of Learning There are many new baby siblings in the program, and the children are very curi- that when parents drop off the babies, they carry them in their arms or use dif- ferent slings and “kangaroo” carriers. The children have also been observing how Teacher Crystal feeds the babies every day, and they spend time imitating her. They ask many questions and their curiosity engages them in a small-group inves- tigation about baby carriers as well as the feeding and caring of babies. To respond to the children’s interest, the teachers collect a variety of baby carriers and place them in the environment. They make sure to include certain types of carriers used by the families in their program, such as rebozos, mei tai wraps, and slings. The teachers also place in the environment photos and books representing families in their program caring for infants. They place baby bottles in the dramatic play area and incorporate more blankets for the children to use. The children feed the dolls and then rock and sing them to sleep. Bella gently pats her doll on its back and is heard saying, “There, there. It’s okay. I’ll sing you to sleep.” She softly sings “Rock-a-Bye, Baby” to comfort her doll. Later the children test the carriers and spend time placing their dolls in them. The children are particularly interested in the rebozos and slings used to wrap babies on an adult’s back. The children use the baby carriers to transport their dolls while they paint, build with blocks, and play outdoors. Teacher Monéa helps Bella secure a doll to Bella’s back. Alina watches Monéa’s instruction and uses a scarf to wrap a doll to her own back without assistance. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Vygotsky ous about how various families take care of babies. The children have noticed