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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments W riting this book has been an incredible learning process. I am thankful to have embarked on this journey with my friend and writing partner Lisa Daly. Her integrity, creativity, and knowledge are a source of inspiration. This process was enriched by the incredible support from Alexis Baran, Arielle Baran, Alex Rudnicki, and Max Jaffee. Their encouragement, wisdom, ideas, designs, and editing made my own writing stronger. I want to thank my parents, sister, niece, and nephew for being there. And my friend Chris Marks who gave me the freedom to work the long hours. To my Niqui and Diego for their enthusiasm and love. —Miriam Beloglovsky This book could not have been written without the support and encour- agement of many family members, friends, colleagues, students, and editors. I treasure my writing collaboration with my dear friend Miriam Beloglovsky. I value our friendship and her reflective and academic abilities. For generous encouragement and countless listening hours during the writ- ing process, I thank my California and Colorado families. They have always believed in me, supported me, and encouraged me to pursue my dreams. To my husband, Dan, I am forever grateful for his constant love, support, and patience. I would like to give sincere appreciation to my children, Ted and Jenna, who are a blessing and an inspiration. My colleagues Janis Jones, Debora Larry-Kearney, and Eunyoung Hwang provided continual encour- agement and important insight over numerous lunch engagements. My 6:00 a.m. workout partners at Curves and my friend Kathie Congdon, who walks the trails of Folsom Lake with me every morning, helped to relieve stress. —Lisa Daly We express our thankfulness to Crystal and Jason Devlin and all the children and families at Crystal’s Creative Kids who provided the real-life stories. We want to thank David Heath, Kyra Ostendorf, and Redleaf Press for believing in this book. Our gratitude also goes to Elena Fultz for her thoughtful editing and guidance. —Miriam and Lisa ix COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL