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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET unit 1: physic al and motor de velopment   (Continued) Indicator Generally Begins Balances or hops on one foot 3 years Jumps into air with both feet 3 years Slides without assistance 3 years Bounces a ball and catches it 3 years Runs consistently without falling 3 years Builds and stacks with several small blocks 3 years Manages zippers, snaps, and buttons 3 years Makes marks or strokes with drawing tools 3 years Stays dry while sleeping 3 years Naps less frequently 3 years Completes toilet training 3 years Walks up and down stairs, alternating feet 3 years Dresses with little assistance 4 years Runs with ease and stops quickly 4 years Throws a ball overhand with greater accuracy and distance 4 years Pedals and steers preschool-sized three-wheelers 3 years Scoots on two-wheeled bike without pedals and/or pedals and steers a two-wheeled bike with training wheels 4 years Puts puzzles together 4 years Uses large muscles to throw, climb, skip, hop, jump, catch, turn somersaults, and bounce 4 years Throws a ball to a target overhand and underhand 4 years Catches a ball when thrown or bounced 5 years Balances well 5 years Uses left or right hand predominantly 5 years Jumps over objects 8 to 10 inches high without falling 5 years Kicks a ball with accuracy 5 years Learns to jump rope 5 years Learns to tie shoes 5 years Rides two-wheeled bike 5 years COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL   17