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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Part 1 Understanding the Needs of Children Getting to know each child and understanding developmental benchmarks that apply to each child help you to include activities that correspond with each child’s developmental stage. With a variety of activities and materials at your disposal, you will have many options as you plan your daily schedule of activities. Typically children grow and develop in similar patterns. However, every child is an individual. The following information is simply a guideline for growth and devel- opment. As you will note, a range of ages is included in the developmental indicator information. If you have concerns regarding a child’s development, you need to com- municate your concerns to that child’s parents or guardians. As a child care provider, you have a unique opportunity as well as a very real responsibility to tell parents what you see, hear, and feel about the healthy development and well-being of their children while in your care. 9 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL