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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET For Anita Rui Olds 1940–1999 “Children are miracles. Believing that every child is a miracle can transform the way we design for children’s care. When we invite a miracle into our lives, we prepare ourselves and the environment around us. We may set out flowers or special offerings. We may cleanse ourselves, the space, or our thoughts of every- thing but the love inside us. We make it our job to create, with reverence and gratitude, a space that is worthy of a miracle! Action follows thought. We can choose to change. We can choose to design spaces for miracles, not minimums.” Anita Rui Olds, 1999 For Jim Greenman 1949–2009 “Perhaps if we thought more about childhoods and less about needs, some of our programs would look less like schools and more like homes and chil- dren’s museums, or like fields and parks. We might develop varied places with a genuine sense of place—of beauty, variety, and elements of surprise and mys- tery; places where adults and children delight at times in simply being together, messing about, and working at the tasks that daily living requires.” Jim Greenman, 1999 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL