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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION / ENVIRONMENTS Children Thrive in Spaces Designed for Living and Learning Designs for Living and Learning has been a treasured resource for more than a decade. With this new edition, Carter and Curtis continue to lead the way as advocates and experts on the importance of thoughtfully planned indoor and outdoor environments that nurture children, families, and staff while supporting children’s learning. Shape welcoming spaces where children can live and learn with this updated edition that contains: • hundreds of new photographs and stories from early childhood programs around the world • a new chapter highlighting the process of transforming of environments • examples for soliciting children’s ideas about the environment • updates throughout that reflect current trends and issues in early childhood education such as negotiating Environment Rating Scales and QRIS BEAUTIFULLY CONSTRUCTED to connect to developmental and learning domains with well-conceptualized final chapters answering the questions that all will be asking as they read the book, “how can I do this in my classroom?” and “where will I get the resources”? —Dr. Deborah J. Cassidy, Professor of Human Development and Family Studies The University of North Carolina at Greensboro THIS NEW EDITION illuminates how the environment becomes an active agent that helps to shape the living going on inside it: the reader sees that the environment and the life it contains are compellingly inseparable. This is a thoughtful, inspiring, and empowering contribution to the early childhood field. —Carol Anne Wien, Faculty of Education York University Margie Carter and Deb Curtis are coauthors of seven best-selling Redleaf books. Through their partnership at Harvest Resources Associates, they work to inspire early childhood providers and educators to invest fully in their own professional learning. Margie and Deb each have over thirty-five years of experience teaching and guiding young children and early childhood educators in a variety of settings across North America, Australia, and New Zealand. ISBN 1-978-60554-372-7 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL $44.95