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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET C onsider Favor ite Childhood Memor ies of Your O w n As you consider the arrangements and materials in your program, spend time with staff as a group sharing stories of the things you loved playing with over and over again when you were children—it may be a commercial toy for one person, a found object for another. What kind of play brought you joy and helped you learn about yourself and the people and places around you? 1 What were the materials like that you most enjoyed playing with? Consider the sensory aspects, the textures, the way they moved, the sounds they made, and how they connected to other aspects of your life. 2 How did you discover these materials? Where were you? 3 Who was with you? Did the materials help build your friendship with any- one? 4 How did you use the materials? Did you take them apart or combine them, build with them, or act out dramas and adventures? 5 Why do you think these materials sustained your interest over time? As you reflect on your favorite childhood materials, you will probably discover that they relate to many of the values for children that are a focus of Designs for Living and Learning. As you continue reading, get ready for some wonderful ideas, both new and dusted off from an earlier time. We hope the photographs and ele- ments they represent will inspire you. Remember to steer yourself away from the temptation to respond with “yes, but . . . my space is so different . . . our licensor (or director) won’t let us do that . . . we don’t really have access to that kind of money or those resources . . .” Each of the photographs in this book represents a transformation made by a teacher or administrative team, undertaken against some odds or specific barriers. When you want to design meaningful environments for living and learning with children, you can’t take no for an answer. You and the children deserve no less than the biggest dream you can aim for. L ay a Foundation for Liv ing and L ear ning   COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL ]   33