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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET us track down a photo that captures the spirit of Jim Greenman. We extend appreciation to Jeanne Hunt for her wonderful photographs of centers in Aotearoa New Zealand, especially the one she captured for the cover of this second edition. We also offer deep gratitude to Sanjuana Frank and Elidia Sangerman for their ongoing translation of our work into Spanish. We enjoyed working with the team at Redleaf Press: Kyra Ostendorf, edi- tor; Jim Handrigan, creative director; Mari Kesselring, production editor; and David Heath, director. They are always open to our design ideas, even as they continue to teach us about the world of publishing. Lastly, for their valuable ideas and drawings about environments they especially like, we thank the children who made particular contributions to this book: Scarlet, Andrews, and Isabelle at Kids’ Domain Early Learning Centre, Auckland, New Zealand; Will, Gray, Nan, Ella, Amelia, Charlie, Luke, and Charles at Second Presbyterian Weekday School, Louisville, Kentucky; Grace and Hayden at Stoneybrook Early Childhood Learning Centre, London Bridge Child Care Services, London, Ontario, Canada; Genevive at Junior Primary Programme at Halifax Grammar School, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; Frankie, Ellis, Bram, Ryder, and Nora at Pacific Primary Pre-School, San Francisco, California; Eli at Clark College Early Learning Center, Vancouver, Washington; Daniel, Ella, and Yvonne at West Huron Early Childhood Learning Centre, London Bridge Child Care Services, Zurich, Ontario, Canada; Ben and Fredrick at Epiphany Early Learning Preschool, SCCS, Seattle, Washington; Everett, Justice, Lauren, Reyna, and Zella at Boulder Journey School, Boulder, Colorado; Makayla at Ashton Meadows Child Care, Markham, Ontario, Canada; and Audrey, Sela, and Lucia at Hilltop Children’s Center, Seattle, Washington. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Acknowledg ments   ]   xv