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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Over the years, we have followed the transformations at the Chicago Commons Child Development Center (Head Start) in Chicago, Illinois, which has refused to let a bureaucratic mentality or an overwhelming body of regulations and requirements get in their way of creating excep- tional environments that value children and families. Special thanks to Janice Woods, Kevin Durney, Jesus Oviedo, and staff at their Chicago Commons Child Development Program (Head Start) centers: Paulo Freire Family Center, Nia Family Center, Guadalupano Family Center, and Taylor Center for New Experiences. And to Karen Haigh and Peg Callaghan, who initially brought us to Chicago Commons Child Development Center (Head Start) to see their remarkable work. While we weren’t able to use all the examples they sent us, we are grateful to the following educators for showing us some lovely examples of their work: Dee Ann Perea, Children’s Studio, Bellevue, Washington; Lisa Warner, Laura Edwards, Kathy Dutton, and Kelly Gant, Second Presbyterian Weekday School, Louisville, Kentucky; Laurie Cornelius and Terry Haye, Clark College Early Learning Center, Vancouver, Washington; Nancy Gerber, Little Peoples’ Family Child Care, Spokane, Washington; Melanie Castillo and Sabrina Ball, Pinnacle Presbyterian Preschool, Scottsdale, Arizona; and Alison Maher and Ellen Hall, Boulder Journey School, Boulder, Colorado. Some programs featured in this book are new to us and we haven’t visited, but we appreciate the examples we’ve seen from the following people: Vicky Flessner, Highland Plaza United Methodist Preschool, Hixson, Tennessee; Rukia Monique Rogers, The Highlander School, Atlanta, Georgia; and Shanna Kincheloe, Micky Morton, and Nikki Dolan, East Tennessee State University Little Buccaneers Laboratory Program, Johnson City, Tennessee. Thanks to Christie Colunga, Josh Trommier, and Felipe Gutierrez for their con- tributions from Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, Arizona. We extend our apologies to anyone we have unintentionally overlooked or incorrectly identified in the photo location credits. We have tried to keep good records, but it’s possible we lost something in the avalanche of examples sent our way. For helping us think through the challenging issues of working with rating scales, standards, and financing facility improvements, we extend appreciation to Lisa Lee, Kelly Mathews, Ann Hentschel, Paula Jorde Bloom, and Carol Sussman. Ann was enormously important as a critical friend helping to clarify some confusion we had with environment rating scales (ERS) and QRIS systems. We thank Beth Wallace for the photo of Anita Rui Olds; and Carol White, Bonnie Neugebauer, Emma Greenman, and Jane Lurie for helping xiv  [   Acknowledg ments COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL