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DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments I couldn’t be happier that the Moving & Learning series is finding a home at Redleaf Press. It’s become clear to me that this is where these books belong. I’d like to thank Kyra Ostendorf and David Heath for the warm welcome, with extra-special thanks to David for being a fabulous editor. Working with you was such a pleasure! I’m forever grateful to Richard Gardzina for the original music that accompa- nies these curriculum packages. He is a remarkable composer, and what I espe- cially love about what he created here is that he never considered it “children’s” music. Instead, he set out to compose and perform the best music he could. Special thanks to the children and teachers with whom I’ve worked over the years—those on whom I “practiced” and those who’ve embraced the “move- ment message” at my presentations. Your enthusiasm, along with your expres- sions of appreciation over the years, has kept me going! Deep appreciation to my mom, whose pride in me warms my heart. ix COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL