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White-item collage White rice, forest animals te x ture tab l e ease l COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL (Try) condensed milk painting at easel Paint large box for “bear cave” Snow w/ mittens, shovels Pasta w/ parmesan cheese Blue/black paper w/ white mediums Make marbled prints from shaving cream Bubble water, waterwheels, scoops Bagels w/ cream cheese W H AT W OR KE D , DID N ’T WOR K , OR T HI N GS I WOU LD C HAN GE : Get more “squirt” bottles!!!! Get large box by Tuesday for bear cave. N OT E S: Large crayons w/ big paper Glue items on bear cave Snow w/ construction vehicles Cereal w/ milk, strawberries • The children loved the story! • Next time we should act out in the big room. • Have someone available to help X. • X needed support as well. • We had hoped for shaving cream this week, but we did not have the appropriate staff this week. forest animals, winter, etc. B ooks : 2 copies of “The Mitten” snow books, S etup : Dramatic play (forest/house) New scented pencils Group painting w/ texture mittens Snow w/ forest animals Animal crackers w/ raisins REF L ECT IO NS: Snack items above i tems to purc hase: White foam painting art Toast w/ apple butter snack 182  appendix A COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL