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“Whose Baby?” match set COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL “Kiss the Baby Good Night” song “Rock-a-Bye Baby.” Bring out chart from taster test. Intro class “I Used to Be a Baby” book w/ their pictures/words. “What’s Missing?” game (baby items) Unit blocks w/ ponies, baby ponies Intro “Babies” unit Small wooden blocks (quint set if interested) GAT H ER I NG “Quint” family baby set w/ small wooden blocks Baby nursery: baby cradle/sink, ALL baby dolls, baby bed, baby high chair, bibs, baby food, baby potty chair, pretend lotions, baby bottles, diapers, blankets, soft pillows, baby doll clothes, bags for carrying items, rattles, strollers, etc. Rainbow blocks w/ family set D RA MAT I C P L AY Large writing table w/ scissors, tape, etc. Peg w/ tray set Playdough w/ ovens, pretend candles, rollers F RIDAY Unit blocks, open building Sketch paper w/ new charcoal pencils Small clipboards w/ pencils Animal lacing cards Gak w/ scissors and cutters T HUR S DAY B LOCK AREA Full sheet of paper w/ silky crayons Baby magnet set Playdough w/ Mr. Potato Head pieces W EDNESDAY Booklets w/ stickers, thin markers Puzzles MAN IPU L AT IVE Salt on trays w/ zoo animals TU ESDAY W EEK LY THEM E: BABIES! WR I T I N G TA B L E Playdough w/ cutters SEN SORY TAB LE MON DAY DATE : September 27–October 1 Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet Example #2 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Weekly Curriculum Planning Sheet (Template and Examples)  173