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60  chapter 3 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL created an array of language opportunities and scientific exploration as we began guessing what paint colors to mix to make the ones we wanted. As children began decorating the upper areas of the house, one little girl declared, “It’s the bedroom!” as she decorated the peak of the house. Another child painted doors and windows on the house. As you can see in the photos below, the work area was not neat and tidy. They show a very child-centered and exciting workspace, one filled with creative explora- tions. The gingerbread house became a project filled with compromise, sharing, and rich-language con- versation among the children. Busy workers! Example one: A house sculpture One child decided to make wallpaper. Example Two: Gingerbread House Jan Brett’s beloved children’s book Gingerbread Baby was the inspiration for our next box sculp- ture. We began with two box houses to paint, but the children quickly focused on only one of those houses. Day one was spent painting the house white. On day two, a roof was added, and the chil- dren used pastel-colored paints to decorate. On day three, we brought out collage materials for them to use in decorating the gingerbread house. Many exciting ideas were generated. Some of the children thought pom-poms, sequins, and pipe cleaners resembled the candies pictured in the story­book. Two children wanted more colors, which Example two: A gingerbread house COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL