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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 48  chapter 3 cool off. Use language that lets children know this is paint—not water—and must be used only where you designate. • If you live in a cold climate, spray painting is a great incentive for getting outdoors in the winter. Spray paint in the snow! • Store the paint bottles upright. If a bottle stops working, its nozzle is probably clogged. Try holding your finger over the nozzle for a few seconds while pumping the trigger to build pressure. When you remove your finger from the nozzle, it will release the extra pressure and clear the nozzle. • For tempera spray paint, give the bottle a small shake periodically to keep the mixture well blended and flowing smoothly. Watching the colors run • Be aware that the children’s hands will probably get paint on them. Liquid watercolor and food coloring may be difficult to clean off at first. Spray painting outside Painting with intention COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL