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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET creative and authentic art  43 Using individual easels at the table Painting at the table as a group To ease cleanup and to preserve your easel, wrap the easel in newspaper covered with waxed paper. Secure the paper with masking tape. The waxed paper speeds cleanup and short- ens the time needed to change newspaper. If you like, wrap the easel tray in foil for easy cleanup. Marble Painting Using individual trays at the table Marble painting creates amazing artwork. It’s a fa- vorite among twos and threes, and you can adapt this project in various ways. First, you will need containers to hold paint and marbles. The containers should be wide enough for a child to scoop out marbles easily. A plastic spoon works well for scooping. Provide one spoon per paint container. Do not use typical glass mar- bles with younger children; they are too small and present a choking hazard. Instead, use very large marbles, golf balls, cat toy balls, small Wiffle balls, or rubber bouncy balls. Next, choose a tray to hold the paper. The tray can be any shallow container with sides, such as a cafeteria tray, a box lid, a food storage container, or a cake pan. For a group marble-painting project, use a large box or a textured table insert. Have the child put a marble or ball in the paint of choice, then scoop out the ball and drop it into the tray. Then have the child tip the tray to make the ball roll back and forth, creating colored lines COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL