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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 42  chapter 3 brown paper grocery bags, computer paper, card- board, boxes, empty paper towel tubes, sculptures, and so on. Wrap aluminum foil, white tissue paper, or waxed paper around pieces of poster board. The poster board makes a sturdy painting surface for delicate materials. The Easel The classroom easel is a crucial part of a twos-and- threes classroom. It should be available every day for use in a variety of ways with a variety of materi- als. Here are some items to keep handy at your easel: • two or three paint cups with one brush in each • watercolor or tempera cakes A freshly covered easel • water in a small container next to the paint cakes (or a small squirt bottle for moistening the paint cakes) • writing implements, such as crayons, markers, pencils, and oil pastels • chalk, dry or wet • liquid watercolors (in heavy glass baby food jars to prevent spills) • bingo stampers or other liquid stampers • paper, foil, and canvas of assorted sizes and types Foil-covered papers and glitter paint • a variety of painting implements And here are some tips for a successful easel: • Arrange the easel in an attractive manner. • Limit easel work to one or two children per side. • Have a camera, pencil, and notepad readily available. • Have towels or cleanup material handy, partic- ularly for the floor. Painting at the classroom easel COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL