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8 CHAPTER 1 DOUBLE TAB TO ZOOM ON PHONE OR TABLET Talent Show Have each child choose one special skill or talent to present in a show for fam- ilies, another classroom, or a community group. Help children identify a wide range of talents and skills they may have, including drawing, running, using a computer, playing rhythm band instruments, building with blocks, making up songs or stories, and using a hammer. Some children may prefer to perform alone, and others may want to perform with friends or family members. Allow children to arrange a stage space, make invitations and tickets, practice their talents, make props, or design costumes for the show. Invite local media to at- tend, take photos to submit to media, or place photographs from the event on the program’s website. Remember to obtain parent permission prior to their child’s image or name being included for media purposes, including social media such as Facebook. APET MATERIALS props and costumes, music, space for staging the show, paper, markers, paint, and signs OTHER IDEAS Invite school employees, community leaders, and family members to visit the classroom and show their talents. Teach the children how to be a polite and appreciative audience during the performances and to clap after- wards. Follow up by helping children identify skills and talents they have similar to or different from those of the performing guests. ALE Play, sing, and talk about “Dancing Pants” by In the Nick of Time and “Do My Thing” by Grenadilla. Read and discuss these or other books about talent shows: Talent Show Scaredy-Pants by Abby Klein, Jack’s Talent by Maryann Cocca-Leffler, The Talent Show by Jo Hodgkinson, and Albertine’s Got Talent! by Shena Power. ALE Read and discuss I Can Do It! A First Look at Not Giving Up by Pat Thomas, or other books about learning new things and persistence. ALE ALE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL