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I WANT TO BE STREET-SMART AND STREET-SAFE! Trucking Trike Display several tricycles or other riding toys for children to examine. Encour- age them to look under the trikes and look from all sides. Have children com- pare and describe the different trikes aloud. Write on a chart what they report. Review with them the names of all the parts (handlebars, seat, pedals, tires, wheels, axle, fender, and others). Show reflectors, and ask what they know about them. Provide several bicycle horns, and let children honk them before asking why people use horns. Wave a bicycle flag, and ask why it is important. Explain how reflectors, horns, and flags are related to safety and may help everyone see and hear tricycles better. Point out that if children see and hear tricycles, it may stop them from running in front of one. Also tell them that these items may help bigger bikes or cars see and avoid hitting trikes. LPST MATERIALS several kinds of tricycles or other riding toys, chart paper, a marker, a variety of reflectors, flags, and various styles of horns OTHER IDEAS Help children attach reflectors, bikes for children to examine, and horns, and flags to the classroom tri- discuss safety issues. cycles, and during the process discuss the importance of tricycles being seen Visit places that fix or sell bicycles and heard. and bicycle accessories, such as tires, wheels, air pumps, reflectors, and Provide a photographic display of a horns. Ask the sales clerk to show the variety of bicycles, including a moun- children safety-related products. tain bicycle, racing bicycle, stationary bicycle, tandem bicycle, rickshaw, Read and discuss D.W. Rides Again! adult tricycle, recumbent tricycle, by Marc Brown. Listen to “Taking and unicycle. Encourage children Off My Training Wheels” by Justin to examine the photos and discuss Roberts. safety issues for each. Even better, provide real examples of various LST LPT LST ALE 11