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ELL/ASL Call 800-423-8309 to Order An illustrated guide to integrate ASL into your classroom S H E D BY ED PR ESS LI R Sign to Learn #413001 $24.95 PUB Activities and lesson plans are grouped by themes, and strategies for using American Sign Language (ASL) with children with special needs or in multilingual classrooms are included. Age focus: 0–6. Softbound, 208 pgs. LEAF (E-book #542027 $24.95) Present the most practical and common ASL signs with this attractive, convenient poster. 18” x 24” laminated poster. ED PR ESS L R Dual-Language Learners #541013 $24.95 PUB Twenty ASL illustrations ED I S H BY LEAF Save almost $3 when you buy the set Support dual-language learners S H E D BY ESS LI ED PR Sign through the Day #330801 $12.95 PUB Includes one copy each of Sign to Learn book and Sign through the Day poster. R This thoughtful approach helps young children learn English, maintain their home languages, and develop the skills necessary for school readiness and success. Strategies to plan and assess curriculum and communicating with families are included. Age focus: 0–8. Softbound, 208 pgs. LEAF Sign to Learn Book and Poster Set #416901 $34.95 Four books to help children learn ASL Children can build a basic sign vocabulary by singing familiar nursery rhymes while signing along. Age focus: 0–3. Four board books, 12 pgs. each. Sign and Singalong Book Set #705201 $17.95 50 Pg50&51.All.WS14.indd 1 11/4/13 2:09 PM