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NEW from Redleaf Press Shop Online at NEW! 80 activities to help fragile children heal from traumatic events S H E D BY ESS LI R ED LEAF Available December 2013. ESS S H E D BY ED PR PUB LI LEAF (E-book #542553 $17.95) Part of being a family child care provider means you must attend to families, licensors, food program representatives, coaches, and other people who visit your in-home business. This guide is filled with everything you need to successfully prepare for and host visits. It includes case studies, skill-based solutions, successful strategies, and self-examination activities to help you make positive connections. Softbound, 144 pgs. NEW! Celebrating 20 years of All the Colors We Are Celebrate the essence of one way we are special and different from one another—our skin color! All new colorful photographs showcase the beautiful diversity of skin and engaging bilingual text offers children a simple, scientifically accurate explanation for how we get our skin color. Unique activity ideas are included to extend learning. Bilingual English/Spanish. Age focus: 4–12. Hardcover, 32 pgs. S H E D BY ESS LI R ED PR All the Colors We Are, 20th Anniversary Edition #540795 $15.95 PUB Available October 2013. Family Child Care Guide to Visits, Inspections, and Interviews #541266 $17.95 NEW! Learn the skills and best practices to make receiving visits more productive PR (E-book #543307 $19.95) Speaking to the concept of “trauma-informed” early childhood education, this book includes 80 activities to help fragile children process and heal from stressful events, such as natural disasters, community violence, deployment of a parent, and more. New information on critical early brain development and the impact of disrupted attachments and early insecurities is included, as well as strategies to help you build an emotionally secure classroom. Age focus: 3–8. Softbound, 184 pgs. R Making It Better, Second Edition #541600 $19.95 PUB LEAF NEW! More than 50 heat-free recipes packed with flavor and learning (E-book #542584 $19.95) S H E D BY ESS LI ED PR Cooking Is Cool #541587 $19.95 R As children read recipes, measure ingredients, and taste each dish, they build math and literacy skills, practice science process skills, and explore different food groups. All of this hands-on learning is possible with these heat-free recipes—no oven, stove, or microwave needed. With your guidance, budding chefs can follow easy instructions to transform fresh, simple ingredients into tasty snacks, beverages, entrees, and treats. Age focus: 3–12. Softbound, 144 pgs. PUB LEAF 9