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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Children Children Children are the promise of the future Children are the vessel containing all the incidents and events of their family, generation upon generation Children, who often force us to face our values in spite of ourselves. Children Children, the insistent voice of what might have been, what could have happened differently in their family system, their community Children, the eternal voice of fairness and justice Children, the ones who insistently demand our best, in spite of the consequences to themselves. Children Children, who have the right to experience dignity and respect Children, who instead are referred to by what they are rather than who they are Children, referred to as that ADHD kid, the behavior-problem child, the bully. Children Children, who are ignored because they are not able to meet our expectations Children, who just want attention because they need attention Children, who are shunned because they are daydreamers, shy, or withdrawn. Children Children, who talk back and act out Children, who melt down into total tantrums in shopping malls Children, who show us over and over that they feel insecure and stressed but are considered misbehaving and reacted to with rejection and isolation. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL