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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Activity 5 The Lonely Puppy Materials soft stuffed puppy chart paper and markers Procedure Tell the story of a puppy who had been passed by at the dog shelter repeat- edly. No one ever smiled at him, yet he really wanted to belong to a fam- ily. Finally, a family took him home. There were so many noisy people in the house, the puppy crawled under a bed to hide and feel safe. He didn’t eat for two days. Then say, “What do you think the puppy needed/wanted? I’ll write your answers on the board. Let’s make a long list.” Ask questions like the following: • W hat was the puppy feeling inside? • W hat might you all give the puppy to help him feel safe and com- fortable? Each of you will be handed the puppy to demonstrate how you would handle him so he would feel safe and secure. How would you talk to the puppy so he could feel calm and loved? Then say, “Now I would like each of you to draw a picture of the puppy when he felt safe and happy.” Issues insecure attachment, uncooperativeness, insecurity Purpose To grow empathy and a sense of belonging. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Healing Play 85