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52 DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET M A K E E A R LY L E A R N I N G S TA N D A R D S C O M E A L I V E Common Practices in an Early Childhood Classroom Where This Standard May Be Addressed Early Learning Standards “Children show interest and curiosity in counting and grouping objects and numbers.” —Vermont Early Learning Standards: Guiding the Development and Learning of Children Entering Kindergarten Counting throughout the day in daily activities and routines, in conversations indoors and out Find as many ways as possible to make counting and numbers a part of every- day activities in the classroom. This can include counting the number of chil- dren present and absent, the number of boys and girls, the number of days in the week, the number of places at a table, the number of children in line, the number of blocks in a tower, the number of marks in a painting, the number of buttons on a jacket, the number of steps up the slide, the number of birds at the bird feeder, etc. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL