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50 DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET M A K E E A R LY L E A R N I N G S TA N D A R D S C O M E A L I V E Common Practices in an Early Childhood Classroom Where This Standard May Be Addressed Early Learning Standards “Show increasing abilities to match, sort, put in a series, and regroup objects according to one or two attributes (shape, size, color, etc.).” Providing many opportunities for children to work and play with manipulatives (such as puzzles, colored blocks, and collections of objects like buttons or beads) that involve matching, sorting, and grouping —Alabama Performance Standards for 4-Year-Olds: Preparing Children “4” Lifelong Learning Young children love to work with real objects, trying out different ways of using them, being creative and self-directed in organizing and constructing with them. You can add the idea of matching and sorting to their explorations of manipulatives starting with simple one-on-one matching and leading to more sophisticated sorting by one and two attributes. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL