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tures adven 39 play t e st e d , h i ld Early Childhood Education / Activities DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET C ov e d ! t appr ad u l Let children experience the learning power of play! This handbook is filled with 39 child-led, open-ended play adventures—plus more than 225 play variations—that are packed with learning. Building on the early learning principles presented in Jeff A. Johnson and Denita Dinger’s first book together, Let Them Play, these budget-friendly activities support your transition to a play-based, child-led (un)curriculum. Jeff A. Johnson spent twenty-five years as a child care provider in center- and home- based programs. He now works full time as an author, keynote speaker, podcaster, toymaker, and early learning advocate. He is the author or coauthor of six other Redleaf Press books. “After thirty-six years of providing child care, I have read many books on play. I have always considered my program to be play based, but after reading Jeff and Denita’s Let’s Play, I now know I was not as child led as I wanted to be. Their books have helped me be more relaxed, flexible, and open to ‘plopping materials’ and seeing where the children lead me and each other. Jeff and Denita’s play obsession is contagious!” Denita Dinger has been a child care provider for more than fifteen years. For the last five, she has been a keynote speaker on the topics of hands- on learning, learning through play, and transitioning early learning programs from teacher- controlled to child-led and play- based environments. —Bj Richards, Bj’s Kids Child Care Community “Thirty-nine chapters of ‘bodies and brains engaged’ play experiences and oozing over with fun!” —Joyce Mahl, child care consultant “By far the best and most original book of ideas for any early childhood learning environment.” —Tracy Hinton, family child care provider Children’s play is focused, purposeful, and full of learning. As children play, they master motor development, learn language and social skills, think creatively, and make cognitive leaps. This (un)curriculum is all about supporting child-led play, trusting children as capable and engaged learners, and forgoing packaged curriculums and prescribed activities. “If kids are just playing, aren’t they missing out on learning? The opposite is true, as Jeff Johnson and Denita Dinger deftly prove in this great read, which reminds us all that games and play aren’t the empty calories of childhood—they’re the vitamins, the vegetables, the protein, and the sprinkles.” Also available — Lenore Skenazy, author of the book and blog, Free-Range Kids “Let Them Play is a book you should wrap your arms around and hold close to your heart. It fills our hearts and minds with fun, creative, and child-friendly ideas that extend the curiosity of children.”   — DanieL HoDginS, early childhood consultant and author of Boys: Changing the Classroom, Not the Child “What I like best is Jeff’s and Denita’s insight that little kids are in many ways like us bigger kids. They hate advice or help that they didn’t ask for and don’t need; they hate to be micromanaged; they love to make their own discoveries and solve their own problems; and they learn best when they can chart their own learning paths. I recommend this book not just to early childhood professionals, but to all new parents as well. It will help you enjoy your kids, rather than worry about them.” — Peter gray, PhD, research professor, Department of Psychology, Boston College LTP-FullCvr-f.indd 1 Denita Dinger has been a child care provider for more than ten years and operates a family child care program. She is a frequent featured speaker at early childhood conferences, focusing on the topics of hands-on learning and learning through play. from Jeff Let them PLAy Jeff a. JoHnSon has more than twenty years of early childhood experience, runs a family child care program, and is a popular keynote speaker and trainer. He is the author or coauthor of five other Redleaf Press books: Finding Your Smile Again, Keeping Your Smile, Do-It-Yourself Early Learning, Everyday Early Learning, and Babies in the Rain. JoHnSon anD Dinger earLy CHiLDHooD / teaCHing MetHoDS Let children experience the learning power of play ISBN 978-1-60554-127-3 Join the conversation with Jeff and Denita at /LetThemPlayBook. and ISBN 978-1-60554-053-5 $34.95 Jeff A. Johnson Denita Dinger COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Denita 2/27/12 3:15 PM $17.95