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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET awareness. It is also an important pre-writing skill, because core and large-mus- cle control develop before small-muscle control. Yes, it takes more prep time, it’s messy, and it takes more time to clean up. But we want you to go big. Offer kids full-throttle, full-body sensory play. It’s awesome, big-time, eyeballs-deep- in-play fun. Process Process 1. Add flour, water (less water equals dough- Ingredients ier dough, more water equals slimy mess), ❑❑ Plastic wading pool and liquid watercolor to wading pool. ❑❑ 40−60 pounds of flour 2. Let kids climb into the pool and play. (Swimsuits are perfect attire for this kind of big play.) Some children may prefer to sit around the pool’s edge to play at first. ❑❑ Water ❑❑ Liquid watercolor ❑❑ Play props—spoons, cups, rags, spatulas, and so forth They may change their minds and climb in later. 3. Add water and/or more or different liq- uid watercolors as desired. You can also add other materials—sand, coffee grounds, potting soil, shredded paper, and so on—to change the experi- ence. 4. When everyone is played out, clean up. A garden hose and a bucket of warm, soapy water come in handy. 12 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL