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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET 2 Natural Clay Play H ave you ever run your hands over a 25-pound clump of smooth, wet, natural clay? Denita was thirty-nine years old before she had such an opportunity, and the minute she touched that cool sliminess, she knew her child care crew would love it. The ease of cleanup and the re-play potential just added to its desirability. In their play, kids will build small-muscle control, visual tracking skills, social skills, and more. Process Process 1. Plop the clay in the shallow tote and wait for a crowd of kids to gather and start asking questions. 2. Add some water to the tote. 3. Demonstrate how to slice hunks from the glob by holding the plastic lacing like den- tal floss and using a slight sawing motion while pushing down on the clay. 6 COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL