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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Acknowledgments We would both like to acknowledge everyone at Redleaf Press who made it pos- sible for you to read this book. Thanks also to Beth Wallace for once again using her keen editor’s eye to mold our ideas into a readable and useful format. Thanks to Maryann Harman ( for help with selecting songs to share. Thanks to Alec Duncan for sharing the activities in chapters 14 and 15. Thanks to all the early learning professionals who helped test-drive these proj- ects: Angie Vinson, Bill Buss, Brenda Harms, Brenda Novack, Emily Plank, Erica Kimmel, Jen Johnstonbaugh, Jen Shaffer, Jennifer Smyth, JoAnn Steinly, Joanna Hatton, Lisa Ditlefsen, Maree Naera, Melinda Carlson, Melissa Lawwell, Sandra Cole, Susan Dotson, Tammy Kirk, Wanda Sowden. Thanks to Erin Hammitt and everyone at St. Peter’s Child Care in Jefferson, South Dakota, where we got to take some photos. In appreciation of moments, all of which I am extremely thankful for. Moments that are filled with laughter and tears. Moments full of learning through suc- ceeding as well as failing. Moments when my husband just nods as I blurt out new ideas that nonchalantly wander into my head. Moments that create spar- kles in the eyes of my own children as well as my “littles.” Moments that are full of opportunities and moments that make you pause and appreciate. —Denita COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL xixi