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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Contents ix Acknowledgments xi Preface 1 Chapter 1: The Many Faces of School-Age Care 19 Chapter 2: Considerations for Management 43 Chapter 3: Creating Safe Environments 65 Chapter 4: Understanding the Total Child: The Foundation of Environmental Design 81 Chapter 5: The Temporal Environment: Establishing Predictability and Expectations 105 Chapter 6: The Interpersonal Environment: Facilitating Social Competence 125 Chapter 7: The Interpersonal Environment: Ensuring Everyone Is Welcomed 155 Chapter 8: The Physical Environment: Arranging Spaces 181 Chapter 9: The Physical Environment: Creating Sensory-Rich Spaces 203 Chapter 10: The Physical Environment: Toys, Materials, and Equipment That Promote Learning 251 Chapter 11: Keeping the Wow! 263 Appendix A Interest Surveys 264 265 a. Survey 1 (for prereaders, emerging literacy, and ESL) b. Survey 2 (for fluent readers) 268 Appendix B Environment Planning Worksheet 270 Appendix C Program Assessment Resources 275 Appendix D Graph Paper 276 References 278 Index COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL