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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Interest Survey 2 Take the time to carefully complete the survey. Your feedback will help us plan activities and provide resources for areas of interest and those you would like to know more about. Music What radio stations do you listen to? Who are your favorite musicians or bands? Are there any CDs you would like to have included here? Do you sing or play a musical instrument? Yes No (circle one) If yes, would you like to perform here? Yes No (circle one) Books and Printed Materials What kinds of books do you like to read? Nonfiction books about animals books about famous people books about space (circle all you like) other (add other types of nonfiction you like to read) Fiction adventure comedy science fiction fantasy (circle all you like) other (add other types of fiction you like to read) Clubs Check any of the following clubs you would like to be a part of. aerobics (floor and movement exercises, making up routines) camping (learning about wilderness survival skills, learning to tie different kinds of knots, going on nature hikes) drama (prop making, set designing, acting, creating costumes, producing a play) macramé (learning different techniques, making a wall hanging, plant holder, or piece of jewelry) nutrition (learning ways to eat and stay fit, preparing tasty and healthy foods, dental hygiene, exercises, and so on) 1/3 From Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow! by Linda J. Armstrong and Christine A. Schmidt, © 2013. Published by Redleaf Press, This page may be reproduced for classroom use only. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL Appendix A • 265