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DOUBLE TAP TO ZOOM WITH PHONE OR TABLET Outdoor Activities 1. Does the outdoor environment connect children with nature? 2. Are there places outdoors where children are encouraged to be involved in a variety of sensory experiences, such as climbing trees, touching textural things, or listening to animal sounds? 3. Does the outdoor environment and staff support both children’s quiet or passive play as well as active play? 4. Are all children able to use at least one piece of each type of playground equipment regardless of their size or disability? 5. Do staff guide and encourage children to participate in outdoor activities? Do they enter into these activities as a participant or role model of sportsmanship? Adult-Led Activities 1. Are adult-led activities conducted to teach a skill or extend learning? If so, what skill or extended learning does the activity encourage? 2. Are adult-led activities conducted with the needs of the children in mind? 3. Do staff use adult-led or monitored activities to ensure the safety of children? 4. How often do adult-led activities occur? 5. Are the adult-led activities designed to engage the children? 6. Are children allowed to ask questions and modify the adult-led activities to meet their needs? From Great Afterschool Programs and Spaces That Wow! by Linda J. Armstrong and Christine A. Schmidt, © 2013. Published by Redleaf Press, This page may be reproduced for classroom use only. COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL The Many Faces of School-Age Care • 13